Hygiene & Wipes

Beaulieu Fibres International supplies man-made fibres for a broad range of hygiene products. We meet the key market requirements for softness, opacity and lightweight fabrics for baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine care and wipes. Depending on your hygiene application, we offer you the optimal solution for your needs

Our fibre range and cut lengths

• MONO-PP-Round-fibres: 1,3 - 8,9 dtex
• MONO-PP-Trilobal-fibres: 1,0 - 6,7 dtex
• BICO-PP-PE-Round-fibres: 1,3 - 8,9 dtex
• BICO-PP-PE-Trilobal-Meralux: 1,3 - 6,7 dtex
• BICO-PET-PE-Round-Meraspring: 1,7 - 8,9 dtex

All our fibres are available in 40, 50 and 60 mm

Finish options:

• PHIL: Standard Hydrophilic
• PH: Permanent Hydrophilic
• PH/HW: Permanent Hydrophilic and High Wicking
• PHOB: Hydrophobic
• PH BOTANICAL: Permanent Hydrophilic with Botanical Essences
• SL: Finish suitable for Spunlace technology


Our fibres are trimmed for all kind of production processes:

• Calender Thermo Bonding
• Air-Through Bonding technologies
• Spunlacing
• Needle Punching

MONO PP Round fibres: 1,3 - 8,9 dtex

MONO round fibres made by polypropylene are suitable for all carding processes. With their special formulation our PP-MONO round fibres are trimmed for running on high speed carding lines with calandar bonding and all other consolidation processes like Carded Through Air Bonding, Spunlacing and Needle Punching.

Key properties

• good bonding
• improved web uniformity
• higher nonwoven strength

MONO PP Trilobal fibres: 1,0 - 6,7 dtex

Trilobal Staple Fibres represent a technological solution available on the market, which require lighter products to reduce raw materials costs and to improve the functional performances of their final products. The trilobal cross section of the fibres improves the appearance of the nonwovens in various areas.

Key properties

• higher opacity levels
• higher specific fibre-surface
• better liquids behavior
• 3 dimensional structure

BICO PP-PE Round fibres: 1,3 - 8,9 dtex

BICO-Round fibres are made with polyethylene and polypropylene combining the properties of 2 polymers in 1 fibre. The sheath made by polyethylene provides softness and the polypropylene in the core gives strength to the final fabric.
• Core: PP
• Sheath: PE


Key properties

• better softness
• good bonding
• high nonwoven strength
• low density

BICO PP-PE Trilobal Meralux: 1,3 - 6,7 dtex

Meralux® is a PP/PE-BICO fibre with a trilobal cross section. This concept combines the key benefits of MONO-Trilobal and BICO-Round fibres. It has a concave trilobal shape, which is unique in the market.
• Core: PP
• Sheath: PE

Key properties

• improved coverage
• better liquid behavior
• higher bulkiness
• increased softness

BICO PET-PE Round Meraspring: 1,7 - 8,9 dtex

Meraspring fibres are made with polyethylene and polyester. It is a BICO-fibre combining the softness by the use of polyethylene with bulkiness provided by the resilience of polyester.
• Core: PET
• Sheath: PE


Key properties

• superior softness
• higher bulkiness
• cushion effect
• good bonding strength

The presented products portfolio complies with the worldwide safety regulations for hygiene applications and are not containing any hazardous ingredients for safety, according to the European directive 67/548/CEE; EC 1272/2008 (CLP); EC 1907/2006 (REACH). All the mentioned fibres are not cytotoxicity and are not skin irritating and are in compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Normative, Class I and Class II.

Light, Soft and opaque

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