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Your success is our success. At Beaulieu, we always go the extra mile to help you get ahead of your competition, develop solutions that outperform your challengers, and bring your solution to the market faster.

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Boost your developments with our Pilot Line

Beaulieu’s pilot manufacturing line allows you to test the waters much faster and without risk, so you can get ahead of your competitors. Use our pilot line to speed up your product development or make your manufacturing process more efficient.

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Work with the experts

We invite you to work together closely with our Pilot Line and R&D teams, so you can take advantage of Beaulieu’s years of built up expertise on bonding fibres, high-tenacity fibres, automotive composites, and hygiene fibres.

Innovation team
Innovation is embedded in all segments of the B.I.G. group. No less than 100 employees are directly involved in R&D. About 65 of them work on short-term projects in B.I.G.’s 3 business units, while our 35-strong Innovation Team is involved in cross-divisional, long-term projects. This balanced and collaborative approach ensures a solid and continuous innovation output.

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Co-development: innovate with us

We believe in close collaboration and co-development, together with our customers. Through quick testing and flexible product development we help you improve performance and speed up your time to market. In addition, we are connected with a vast ecosystem of innovation partners, including external research partners and labs, who help us expand our capabilities and maximise your innovation results.

As the largest European producer of polyolefin and bicomponent fibres, we continuously invest in long-term partnerships with nonwoven manufacturers from a wide variety of industries such as Automotive, Hygiene, Geotextiles, Flooring, Filtration, Upholstery and Construction.

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UltraBond Fibres, sustainable contribution to 100% recyclable nonwovens

The new UltraBond is an innovative bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens.

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The voice of nonwovens, by EDANA

For the #MeetTheNonwovensIndustry series, General Manager and staff members of Beaulieu Fibres International describe how innovation is real teamwork for them, bringing new developments to life.

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Meralux: improved resilience and liquid management

Meralux is a PP/PE-BICO fibre with a trilobal cross section. This concept combines the key benefits of MONO-Trilobal and BICO-Round fibres. Thanks to the concave trilobal shape, resilience and liquid management are significantly improved.

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