About Beaulieu Fibres International

Beaulieu Fibres International puts innovation and sustainability central for a wide variety of industries such as Geotextiles, Hygiene & Wipes, Floor coverings, Automotive, Upholstery, Filtration, Composites and Construction.

As largest European producer of polyolefin fibres and bicomponent polyester/polyolefin fibres, our company is part of Beaulieu International Group with headquarters in Belgium. Three production sites in Europe – two in Belgium and one in Italy - supply MONO/BICO staple and shortcut fibres, in round and trilobal cross section with linear densities of 1.3 to 300 dtex.

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About Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.)

As a global family business, we develop and co-create – in an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable way - flooring and material solutions to enhance the quality of living and working for every generation.

Headquartered in Belgium, B.I.G. employs over 4.700 people worldwide in 19 countries throughout Eurasia, America and Oceania and serves customers in 150 countries. In 2023, B.I.G. reported sales of €2 billion. At B.I.G., we work purposefully to build a sustainable future. Our sense of entrepreneurship and our ambition enable us to continue to grow together with our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the society in which we operate.

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Beaulieu International Group is member of:

EDANA - The voice of nonwovens

EDANA is the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries. All activities reflect the changing dynamics of the nonwovens industry. EDANA member companies supply products and services ranging from raw materials to finished products and everything in between including machinery, components and development and testing facilities.

EAGM - European Association of Geosynthetics product Manufacturers

The European Association of Geosynthetic product Manufacturers (EAGM) is established with the goal to promote the knowledge and the usage of European synthetic products and to underline the sustainable benefits when applying these products.

IGS - The International Geosynthetics Society

The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) is a learned society dedicated to the scientific and engineering development of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products, and associated technologies.

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