Boost your developments with our Pilot Line

Beaulieu’s pilot manufacturing line allows you to test the fibres much faster and without risk, so you can get ahead of your competitors. Use our pilot line to speed up your product development or make your manufacturing process more efficient.

Our pilot line offers you utmost flexibility to produce samples, without the typical constraints imposed by industrial production lines. It can replicate any type of staple fibre spinning technology, using different types of polymers and additives, and different types of cross sections.

Pilot Line

Pilot Line

Work with the experts

We invite you to work together closely with our Pilot Line and R&D teams, so you can take advantage of Beaulieu’s years of built up expertise on bonding fibres, high-tenacity fibres, automotive composites, hygiene fibres and much more.

What you can test:

• Different raw materials and cross section types
• Staple and short-cut fibres
• Additives or functionalities in MONO and BICO
• Shrinkage reduction
• Customised BICO fibres
• Composite performance
• And much more

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Polymers Spinning of PP, PE, PET, Other polymers on demand
Longspin mode 1.3 - 10 dtex (Confirmed dtex range PP)
Shortspin 3.3 - 50 dtex (Confirmed dtex range PP)
Shapes Round, Trilobal, Other shapes on demand
Fibre type and Cross section MONO, BICO Sheath/core concentric, BICO Sheath/core excentric, BICO Side by side
Shortcut lengths (mm) 3 - 6 - 10 - 13
Staple fibre lengths (mm) 20 - 75
Spinfinish, Texturation, Colour & Additivation on request

Let’s make innovation happen

We believe in the potential of our fibre technology. Based on the many other industries and markets we are already serving today, we are convinced that there’s more to explore with you. Are you interested to hear what we can do for your application? Then get in touch today.