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Beaulieu Fibres International also offers polypropylene (PP) fibres for: 

1. Upholstery

2. Air and Liquid Filtration

3. Concrete Reinforcement

4. Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

1. Upholstery

Beaulieu Fibres International offers a standard colour range of fine denier high tenacity PP fibres for lightweight needle punched calandered upholstery and automotive seating fabrics.
The fibres are designed to allow optimal coverage at lowest possible weight, while maximizing tear resistance.
Optional FR properties can be offered in order to support compliance with BS 5852 / FMVSS302 standards on finished home textiles and automotive interiors.

• Furniture
• Automotive seating

Dedicated fibre colour collection

• Fine denier and optimal coverage
• Standard colour collection
• Light weight and tear resistance

2. Air and Liquid filtration

Beaulieu Fibres International offers a complete range of mono-component and bi-component fibres for the filtration industry. Our complete range of FDA and European Food Contact compliant staple fibres allows to optimize the filtration performance. By carefully selecting the right blend of different fibre diameters, our fibres enable reaching the perfect balance in limiting pressure drop and maximizing dust retention capability of the filter media. Our latest innovations in terms of fibre shape, composition and tribo-electric charging will help our customers to reach new levels of filtration efficiency.

Air filtration

Our bi-component fibres are designed to offer the best bulk and surface area for thermal bonded filter media in HVAC and Furnace applications. The development of fibres with tribo-electric properties helps to bring dust retention to the next level.

Liquid filtration

Our PP fibres have excellent chemical resistance in the market and can be specified as low foaming. Therefore they are highly suitable for the use in liquid filtration applications including hydraulic, oil and fuel.

3. Concrete Reinforcement

We offer Meraflex® short cut fibres for sustainable fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC). Reinforcement by polypropylene (PP) fibres mini-mizes cracking, improves resistance, avoids spallation and therefore prolongs the service lifetime of concrete, cement and mortar constructions substantially. The material is light, safer and quicker to integrate and offers a lower ecological footprint.

The introduction of Meraflex® short cut fibres into concrete, at adequate concentrations, can completely eliminates the risk of shrinkage cracking in casted products and avoids the spalling phenomena in case of a fire. During fire, the fibre melts at 160°C and creates porosity by which the generated steam can be evacuated. This will decrease the pressure in the construction and avoid spalling problems.

4. Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

Beaulieu Fibres International offers coarse polypropylene (PP) fibres in 65, 70, 110 and 220 dtex especially designed for the production of nonwovens used as resin distribution layer in RTM composite processes.
The fibres provide the necessary resilience in order to maximize nonwoven loftiness, while resisting to compression forces in moulding. Our RTM fibres are equiped with a hydrophilic finish, allowing to optimize resin flow distribution throughout the entire mould surface.

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