Setting new performance standards for filtration

Beaulieu offers a complete range of mono-component and bi-component fibres for filtration applications. Our comprehensive range of FDA and European Food Contact approved staple fibres allows you to maximise your filtration performance.

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A full range of MONO and BICO fibres for the filtration industry

Beaulieu’s fibre range for air and liquid filtration offers the right blend of fibre diameters, which enables you to find the perfect balance between limiting pressure drop and maximising filtration efficiency.

Air filtration

Beaulieu’s bi-component fibres are designed to offer the best bulk and surface area for thermal bonded filter media in HVAC and furnace applications. The development of fibres with tribo-electric properties helps to bring filtration efficiency to the next level.

Liquid filtration

Thanks to excellent chemical resistance and low foaming qualities, Beaulieu’s PP fibres are ideally suited for liquid filtration applications.

Your benefits

  • Increase filtration performance and efficiency
  • Reduce foaming properties
  • Comply to FDA and European Food Contact regulation
  • Benefit from unique filtration efficiency

The power of co-development

Beaulieu has always been serious about swiftly following up on industry requirements and customer needs. We believe in close collaboration and co-development, together with our customers, a model which has already led to several past innovation successes.

Beaulieu’s recently added range of dry PP fibres for triboelectric charged filter media is just one example of successful innovation. Beaulieu is continuously focused on bringing innovations, which can help you to reach new levels of filtration efficiency.


  • Air filtration
  • Liquid filtration


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Specifications: Mono-component and bi-component fibres

DTEX 1.3 - 23 1.3 - 6.7 1.7 - 6.7
CUT LENGTH (MM) 40 - 90 40 - 60 40 - 60
PROPERTIES Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Low Foam, Low Lube

Filtration | Air filtration

Filtration | Air filtration

Filtration | Air filtration

Filtration | Air filtration

Filtration | Liquid filtration

Filtration | Liquid filtration

Let’s make filtration better

Beaulieu has worked hard to set new performance standards for the filtration market. But this is just the beginning. We are looking forward to exploring the many innovation opportunities for your application with you. Want to know what Beaulieu can do for you? Interested to work together with our team of experts?
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