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Reimagining mobility, fibre by fibre

Beaulieu offers a wide range of polypropylene bonding fibres for thermoplastic lightweight composites and car fabrics. Our fibres help car manufacturers and OEMs to meet the ever more challenging requirements for performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability.

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PP fibres for lightweight automotive composites

With today’s rush towards greener, sustainable mobility, the automotive industry is under continuous pressure to increase performance and reduce emissions. Car manufacturers and OEMs can rely on Beaulieu’s bonding fibre range to help improve mechanical, thermal and functional properties of the composite while reducing weight.

Beaulieu’s PP fibres for thermoplastic lightweight composites offer the most optimal cost-to-performance ratio in needle punched, compression-moulded composite materials. They blend homogenously with natural, glass, carbon and polyester reinforcement fibres.

UltraLink: the innovation continues

Beaulieu’s most recent fibre innovation for the automotive composite industry is the UltraLink fibre family. Ultralink offers the composite industry the tools to further enhance weight savings by creating an optimal compatibility between reinforcement fibre and PP matrix.

Your benefits

  • Reduce weight and system cost
  • Increase dimensional stability
  • Increase hydrophobic properties
  • Reduce VOC/VOG emissions

PP fibres for automotive face fabrics

OEMs and car manufacturers have been relying on Beaulieu’s PP fibres for safe, sustainable and comfortable interior fabrics for many years. Unlike any other PP manufacturer, Beaulieu has the unique colour expertise to match practically any of your colour masters. In addition, Beaulieu’s fibres meet the industry’s most stringent requirements for UV resistance and flame retardance.

UltraPure: innovation for sustainable car fabrics

Beaulieu continues to push the envelope in terms of innovation and sustainability. Beaulieu’s UltraPure line of PP fibres helps manufacturers to reach the toughest VOC/FOG emission targets.


  • Door panels
  • Wheel arc liners
  • Head liners
  • Trunk trims
  • Underbody shields
  • Parcel shelves
  • Air intake duct systems
  • Wall panels
  • Load floors


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Specifications: Fibres for lightweight composites

DTEX 3.3 - 17
CUT LENGTH (MM) 40 - 90
COLOURS natural, black, custom colours

Specifications: Fibres for face fabrics

DTEX 3.3 - 17
CUT LENGTH (MM) 40 - 90
COLOURS natural, black, custom colours
PROPERTIES Flame retardant functionality, UV resistant, low VOC/FOG emission

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Automotive | Composites

Automotive | Face Fabrics

Automotive | Composites

Automotive | Face Fabrics

Automotive | Composites

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