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Beaulieu’s wide range of fibres for geotextiles has proven its efficiency in civil engineering projects all over the world. With their ideal performance to weight ratio, Beaulieu’s fibres lay the groundwork for your project success and business profit.

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High-tenacity fibres for lightweight, nonwoven geotextiles

Your customer’s construction projects need durable nonwoven geotextiles with the highest mechanical performance. Beaulieu’s fibres will help you deliver on that promise. Our high-tenacity PP fibres have a unique, high tensile strength without compromising on elongation.

Your benefits

  • Reduce system cost
  • Lower the carbon footprint
  • Reduce weight and save up to 10%
  • Increase tenacity and tear resistance
  • Maximise machine efficiency

Reduce system cost and increase your profit

Beaulieu’s vast range of fibres will help you reduce your geotextile system cost. Compared to conventional geotextile fibres, Beaulieu’s fibres allow you to reduce weight by up to 10%. Their consistency will help you to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Beaulieu also offers a higher dtex range for environmental applications, such as turf reinforcement mats and soil reinforcement.

Lowering impact

For manufacturers of nonwoven geotextiles, Beaulieu offers PP fibres with > 25% carbon footprint reduction compared to the European standard PP fibres, generating 1.48 kg CO2/kg PP fibres, beating the European average of 2.25 kg CO2/kg. 

A step further is to accelerate the replacement of fossil carbon in engineered fibre applications by choosing its ISCC Plus certified bio-attributed MONO-PP with a negative carbon footprint.

Proven, the world over

Beaulieu’s market-leading fibres for geotextiles have proven their performance in countless construction and civil engineering projects all over the world. Beaulieu’s fibres have successfully helped geotextile manufacturers to reduce material and transportation costs, without giving in on product performance.


  • Road and Railway construction
  • Waste containment
  • Erosion control
  • Pipeline protection
  • Soil reinforcement in sports surfaces


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Specifications: high-tenacity staple fibres for geotextiles

DTEX 11 - 17 3.3 - 6.7 4.4 - 6.7 110 - 220 - 300
CRIMPS (PER CM) 2 - 5 2 - 5 2 -5 0.5 - 2.5
CUT LENGTH (MM) 60 - 120 60 - 120 60 - 120 55 - 110
TENACITY (CN/TEX) ≥ 40 ≥ 48 ≥ 52 ≥ 30
ELONGATION (%) ≥ 70 % ≥ 70 % ≥ 70 % ≥ 120 %

Geotextiles | Road and Railway construction

Geotextiles | Waste containment

Geotextiles | Erosion control

Geotextiles | Erosion control

Geotextiles | Pipeline protection

Geotextiles | Soil reinforcement in sports surfaces

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