Fibres for floorcoverings

We offer a full dtex range of PP fibres for the production of needlepunched carpet for indoor and outdoor applications. Beaulieu Fibres is an expert in colour development and has the knowledge to provide the appropriate functionalities in terms of colour fastness, abrasion, flame retardance and UV resistance. Our coarse fibres offer good shrinkage control, dimensional stability and high resilience, required for the carpet tile market. UltraBond fibres allow to produce a fully recyclable 100% PP based carpet.

Indoor & outdoor nonwoven floorcoverings

  • Trade and event carpets
  • Contract & Residential
  • Outdoor & Sports
  • Automotive

Master colour development, fully recyclable carpet

  • Dimensional stability
  • Strong abrasion resistance and high resilience
  • Stain resistance
  • Fully recyclable carpet (with UltraBond)
  • Flame retardance
  • In-house master colour development
  • UV resistance for outdoor use

Specifications: Broad range of fibres for floorcoverings

You can find our specifications in the table. Double click on the table to enlarge.

UltraBond, the green way to bond

The new UltraBond is a patented bonding staple polyolefin fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens. It opens up a new path to create 100% polypropylene (PP) needlepunch carpets which meet the same performance requirements as traditional latex-bonded carpets while reducing the end-of-life environmental
impact and functional properties such as pilling resistance, resistance to wear abrasion, and also UV resistance are guaranteed.


100% recyclable carpets
Using UltraBond manufacturers finally gain the potential to costefficiently produce 100% recyclable carpets. In addition to the general benefits of making recycled PP available for the plastics production chain and reduced waste generation, environmental advantages and financial savings arise from a total lack of water and less energy use. As a 100% dry process, thermal bonding uses no water and results in a total absence of waste water. There is also a reduction in the VOC level of the carpet. This all leads to a significant reduction in a needlepunch carpet’s ecological footprint.

Range of UltraBond fibres for flooring

You can find our specifications in the table. Double click on the table to enlarge.

From decorative to heavy duty

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