UltraBond, your key to 100% recyclable flooring

UltraBond is Beaulieu’s patented polyolefin fibre technology that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders in your nonwovens. UltraBond allows you to manufacture 100% polypropylene (PP) and therefore 100% recyclable needlepunched carpets, without compromising on performance and quality.

The green way to bond

Thanks to UltraBond, producing 100% recyclable carpets has never been this easy and cost-efficient. UltraBond is the only technology that reduces the environmental impact of your carpet products, while not making any concession in terms of pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, or UV resistance.

Event carpets are usually only used once, before being disposed of. With UltraBond however, carpet materials can be recycled and reused in other industries, for example for the production of plastics. The impact of this reduced waste generation in the event industry and other sectors cannot be understated.

What you save when using UltraBond:

These are the sustainability benefits by looking at the lifecycle analysis (LCA) of an exhibition carpet, one of the most important applications for needlepunched carpets.

  • 93% energy reduction, compared to latex bonding solutions
  • A potential annual water saving of over 20 million litres for 100 million m2 of carpet
  • A CO2 reduction of 35% over the entire production process


Specifications Reference system UltraBond system
Total weight (g/m²) 300 260
PolyPropylene weight (g/m²) 240 260
Bonding type 20 wt% SBR Latex 20 wt%
Energy 0% up to -93%
Maintenance cost 0% -40%
Consolidation equipment Hot air Furnace (110°C) Hot air Furnace (>140°C)

Better for planet and profit

UltraBond is not only more environmentally-friendly, it also reduces your production and energy costs. Processing UltraBond requires no water and happens through thermal bonding, a 100% dry process. This process allows you to significantly reduce your CO2 footprint.

Specifications: UltraBond PP fibres for flooring

TITRE (DTEX) 3.3 - 17
CUT LENGTH (MM) 40 – 50 – 60
ADDITIVES Softness Improvers, Opacifiers, Whiteness improvers
Outdoor UV resistance (hrs) ISO 105:B04 Up to 6.500
FR performance Up to BFL-s1 – level possible
Activation Temperature (°C) >140


  • Trade and event carpets
  • Contract and residential carpets

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The green way to bond.

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