Fibres for floorcoverings

We offer a full dtex range of PP fibres for the production of needlepunched carpet for indoor and outdoor applications. Beaulieu Fibres is an expert in colour development and has the knowledge to provide the appropriate functionalities in terms of colour fastness, abrasion and UV resistance. We have developed coarse fibres that offer superb shrinkage control, dimensional stability and high resilience, required for the carpet tile market.

Indoor & outdoor nonwoven floorcoverings

  • Trade and event carpets
  • Contract & Residential
  • Outdoor & Sports

Master colour development, fully recycable carpet

  • Dimensional stability
  • Strong abrasion and high resilience
  • Stain resistance
  • Fully recyclable carpet (patent pending)
  • In-house master colour development
  • Guaranteed colour fastness by UV resistance


  • Dtex range 5.5 - 300 
  • Crimps (per cm) 3 – 6
  • Cut length (mm) 40 - 120 
  • Flame retardant (FR) functionality
  • UV resistance, level depending on indoor or outdoor use
  • Fully compliant with REACH

From decorative to heavy duty