Ultrabond Fibres: The green way to bond

The new UltraBond is a patented bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens. It opens up a path to create 100% polypropylene (PP) needlepunched fabrics which meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions while reducing the end-of-life environmental impact.
  • Needlepunched fabrics get sustainable
  • Innovation in thermal bonding
  • Improved total cost of ownership
  • Fully recyclable

Master colour development, fully recyclable fabrics

• Dimensional stability
• Strong abrasion resistance and high resilience
• Stain resistance
• Fully recyclable
• Flame retardance
• In-house master colour development
• UV resistance for outdoor use
You can find our specifications in the table. Double click on the table to enlarge.

Recyclable without compromise

Using UltraBond, manufacturers now have access to the most versatile bonding fibre available in the market. Ultrabond can be designed to go from a “one size fits all” concept to a customized bonding fibre for a single application maximizing the look and performance of the fabric.

In addition to the environmental benefits of being able to recycle a high performance fabric, financial savings arise from the greater rest value of the fabric at the end of life stage and lower energy and water consumption compared to chemically bonded fabrics.The sustainability benefits are quantified through lifecycle analysis of a needlepunched exhibition carpet. 

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CO2 Reduction

Evaluations show that the absence of water consumption directly translates into a large energy saving of 93% when using UltraBond compared to a latex bonding solution, and also a potential annual water saving of over 20 million liters for 100 million m² of carpet. Without the addition of any other bonding agent, CO2 emissions are reduced by 35% over the full production process.

Finalist for prestigious essenscia Innovation Award 2019

UltraBond was nominated finalist for the essenscia Innovation Award 2019. The biannual award is the most prestigious prize for industrial innovation in Belgium. Created by essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries, it aims to promote innovations in the Belgian industry and encourages companies to invest even more in innovative and sustainable products and applications. 

Green Product Award Selection 2019

Proud to be among the Green Product Award Selection 2019.

Ultrabond - has been nominated for the annual Green Product Award 2019 in the category “Material”.

This is an international award that recognizes innovative and sustainable products and services out of 13 different categories.

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