Life below water

Beaulieu Fibres signs Operation Clean Sweep pledge

Within B.I.G., our Engineered Solutions in Belgium and France signed the pledge of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) aimed at preventing plastic granulates from entering waterways and the world’s oceans. This action fits perfectly within B.I.G.’s sustainability approach and contributes to SDG14 – Life below water.

Go to the site of Operation Clean Sweep

Our goal is ZERO pellet loss in five production sites and therefore, we have implemented measures to avoid lost pellets to flow into rivers, finding their way to the ocean.

To make drivers who deliver pellets aware of possible spillage, OCS signage with dedicated waste management labelling has been installed next to all silos. This concludes a first year of local initiatives that prevent grains from polluting natural waterways.

In this way, we take care of our natural water resources and protect all life in our waters. Because every action counts!