Green Energy

100% Green Energy for the Belgium plants of Beaulieu Fibres

The two Belgian production sites have transitioned from grey to 100 percent green electricity as of July 2021.

This action is completely consistent with B.I.G.'s sustainability strategy and contributes to SDG7 – Affordable Clean Energy.

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This transition from grey to renewable energy has a significant impact on our Belgian carbon footprint.

In 2021, we will have reduced our carbon footprint by 3,729 tons CO2 (minus 56 percent) compared to 2020, and by 7,458 tons CO2 in 2022. (minus 87 percent).

In other words, the transition to green energy has resulted in : 

  • a reduction in CO2 emissions from 189g CO2/kWh to 24g CO2/kWh.
  • a lower carbon footprint for our products : 1,97 kg CO2 eq/kg output fibers.

Engie guarantees that the delivery of electrical energy to Beaulieu Fibres International Wielsbeke and Kruisem for the period specified below, was electrical energy that is considered, under current legislation and subject to the conditions of the relevant supply contract, as entirely produced by means of renewable energy sources.

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In this way, each Beaulieu Fibres plant commits to monitoring and analysing its energy in order to optimise processes and reduce energy consumption.
Because every action counts!

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