UltraBond as Good Practice in the Global Goals Yearbook 2020

28/10/2020 - Press Releases

We are very proud to inform you that Beaulieu International Group is mentioned in the new Global Goals Yearbook 2020. With more than 400,000 readers all over the world, the yearbook is one of the most widely distributed sustainability publications.

The Global Goals Yearbook 2020 includes Beaulieu International Group, with its UltraBond thermal bonding fibres, as one of the many good practices of corporate participants that showcase different approaches to the implementation of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

The 2020 edition features an article on our UltraBond fiber on page 86. Beaulieu Fibres International developed UltraBond, an innovative thermal bonding fiber that answers the market trend for more sustainable nonwovens. 

Next-generation nonwovens go sustainable.

UltraBond is a thermal bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens. It opens up a path to create 100% polypropylene (PP) needlepunched fabrics which meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions while reducing the end-of-life environmental impact.

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