Energy surcharge | Announcement

22/03/2022 - Insights

Energy surcharge applicable as of April 1st, 2022 Beaulieu Fibres International products

As we are all experiencing, Europe (and the entire world) is currently facing an unprecedented increase in energy prices, with power gas and gas power currently at 8 to 10 times higher compared to the average spot prices for a winter season. The recent crisis between Ukraine and Russia have added further pressure on to an already tensioned European market.

When we began our contract negotiations for 2022 in Q4 2021, energy analysts were forecasting some further increase in energy prices but then return to a more ‘normal’ seasonal market in the second part of 2022. This annual picture was reflected in our 2022 contract offers.

However, the prices paid in January and February and being seen in the market for March and the rest of 2022 have risen so significantly above what was built into our 2022 contract pricing, that we now have no alternative but to apply a surcharge for energy, together with the commercial terms we have agreed with you for the current year.

Your Account Manager will separately advise you on the specifics and answer your questions.

While we understand that this is unwelcome news in an already difficult market context, we hope you understand the rationale for our reaction to an unprecedented cost escalation, which is beyond our reasonable control.

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