UltraBond Fibres, sustainable contribution to 100% recyclable nonwovens

The new UltraBond is an innovative bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens. It opens up a path to create 100% polypropylene (PP) needlepunched fabrics which meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions, while reducing the end-of-life environmental impact.

Design for recycling

UltraBond offers a future-proof recycling solution, because it reduces waste generation and creates new high-value PP recycled products. In addition, UltraBond brings a significant ecological footprint reduction for 100% polyolefin nonwoven products.

Recyclable without compromise

Using UltraBond, manufacturers now have access to the most versatile bonding fibre available in the market. UltraBond can be designed to go from a ‘one size fits all’ concept to a customised bonding fibre for a single application, maximising the look and performance of the fabric. In addition to the environmental benefits of being able to recycle a high-performance fabric, financial savings arise from the greater rest value of the fabric at the end of life stage and lower energy and water consumption compared to chemically bonded fabrics.


• Design for recycling (100% Polyolefin products)
• Best Total Cost of Ownership in the market
• Thermal bonding alternative (for chemical binders, powders, latex)
• High bonding strength
• Increased stiffness compared to standard PP nonwovens
• Self-supporting structures
• VOC Reduction

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Embraced by the industry

  • The good practice of UltraBond is mentioned in the Global Goals Yearbook 2020 

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Nominations and Awards

  • “By eliminating the need for latex and chemical binders, UltraBond offers needlepunch manufacturers the breakthrough they have been waiting for.” Maria Teresa Tomaselli, GM Beaulieu Fibres International 

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Specifications: UltraBond fibres

Dtex 3.3 - 17
Tenacity (cN/tex) > 25
Elongation (%) > 100
Cut length (mm) 60 - 100
Crimps (per cm) 2 – 6
Outdoor UV resistance (h) ISO 105:B04 Up to 6.500
FLAME RETARDANCE Up to BFL-s1 – level possible
Activation Temperature (°C) >140

Discover your UltraBond potential

The flooring industry has already discovered the great potential of UltraBond fibres. But in fact, we are just getting started. Together with you, we look forward to exploring the many opportunities of our unique thermal bonding fibre for your application. Want to know what UltraBond can do for you?
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