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05/11/2021 - Insights

November 3rd, 2021

Dear Valued Customer 

First of all we want to thank you for your partnership during the past difficult period. The year 2021 has brought extraordinary challenges for society and for industry: besides the Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed an almost complete disruption in the global freight systems. We all had to face huge challenges in the entire supply chain, which has pushed cost of transport to new levels.

Additionally, since September 2021, we have been absorbing steady and important increases of energy rates, packaging material costs, finishing oils, additives and services. 

Going forward, prices for energy, freight and other variable costs are expected to lie well outside their historical ranges. These extra costs and efforts must be spread across the entire value chain as Beaulieu Fibres International alone cannot continue to absorb the substantial increase in costs.

In order to preserve the sustainability of our business and continue to offer the high service levels we are obliged to increase our prices for 2022. Our Sales Team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss all the details.

We are looking forward to taking up the challenge together with you and to continue building on the future.


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