Supporting the automotive industry with staple fibres
16 - 05 - 2017

Beaulieu Fibres International has developed a range of bonding fibres for thermoplastic lightweight composites and fibres for face fabrics. Each of the engineered PP bonding fibres is designed to provide a homogenous blend and optimal moulding performance. Additionally, with their inherently low shrinkage properties Beaulieu’s bonding fibres offer dimensional stability in compression moulding. The fibre recipes are designed and customised to meet the most stringent OEM requirements in terms of heat stability, VOC/FOG and odour. Addressing face fabrics manufacturers, our colour development department can match any of your OEM colour masters within automotive interior fabrics.

Visit us at the Automotive Interiors expo in Stuttgart from 20 - 22th June at booth A5356!

Read all about our Automotive fibres on our brand new automotive leaflet:

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