Beaulieu Fibres International leads the way with lead chromate-free PP coloured fibres at Domotex 2015
15 - 01 - 2015

Wielsbeke, January 15, 2015 – Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I.), the biggest European
polypropylene (PP) staple fibre supplier, unveils the first lead chromate-free coloured PP fibres for
heavy duty outdoor needle punch carpet applications among its product highlights at Domotex 2015.

Beaulieu Fibres International's new lead chromate-free (PbCr-free) outdoor colours support floorcovering producers in achieving REACH compliance for their needle punch products, in line with the European
Commission’s ban on PbCr pigments effective May 2015. The PbCr-free range of PP fibres offers a
valid and sustainable alternative to existing needle punch carpet constructions intended for heavy
duty sports surfaces and landscaping applications, which need to meet with the most stringent
requirements in terms of UV resistance.

At Domotex 2015, Beaulieu Fibres International keeps the focus on needle punch with its innovative heavy duty coarse denier fibre for the contract market. Intended for both indoor floorcoverings and outdoor carpet
applications, the PP fibre offers improved processing, enhanced aesthetics and superior wear
resistance. It is available in 70-300 dtex to suit individual requirements.

The fibre’s high thermal stability avoids the potential for fibre shrinkage during the backing process
and eliminates unwanted curling of the finished floorcovering or carpet. This improved dimensional
stability helps to maintain desired shape, making the PP fibre ideal for both needle punch roll and tile
formats. The fibre’s resistance to high wear and tear levels improves the long-term performance and
appearance of final products.

“Beaulieu Fibres International is the leading PP fibre supplier to offer lead chromate-free coloured outdoor fibres to support needle punch carpet manufacturers in achieving REACH compliance for their heavy-use and general outdoor products. All of our innovative PP fibre developments highlight our commitment to
addressing the needs and expectations of our customers,”
comments Donald De Deygere, Sales and
Marketing Manager, Beaulieu Fibres International.

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