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16 - 10 - 2017

High international exposure with the cover page and cover story on Beaulieu Fibres International

Again Beaulieu Fibres International demonstrates its strengths as a “Technology Innovator”, promising fibre innovations to address market demand in segments such as hygiene, automotive, flooring and geotextiles.

Today this innovation strategy is the cornerstone of our activities and key fibre innovations are set to develop that will address future market demands.

In order to maintain our position as European leader for polyolefin staple fibres several new investments have been announced in both Belgium and Italy. 

This investment program is the cornerstone of our company’s current growth strategy in both hygiene and industrial fibres, which consists of extending the production portfolio with innovations and expanding the production capacity to support the industry’s demands. 

Discover the article yourself in this new October 2017 edition of International Fiber Journal.

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