Air and liquid filtration

Beaulieu Fibres International offers a complete range of mono-component and bi-component fibres for the filtration industry. Our complete range of FDA and European Food Contact compliant staple fibres allow to optimize the filtration performance. By carefully selecting the right blend of different fibre diameters, our fibres enable reaching the perfect balance in limiting pressure drop and maximizing dust retention capability of the filter media.
Our latest innovations in terms of fibre shape, composition and tribo-electric charging will help our customers to reach new levels of filtration efficiency.

Liquid filtration

Our PP fibres have the best chemical resistance in the market and can be specified as low foaming. Therefore they are highly suitable for the use in liquid filtration applications including hydraulic, oil and fuel.

Air filtration

Our bi-component fibres are designed to offer the best bulk and surface area for thermal bonded filter media in HVAC and Furnace applications. The development of fibres with tribo-electric properties help to bring dust retention to the next level.

Optimized filtration performance and efficiency

• Low foaming properties
• Tribo-electric charging
• Compliant with FDA and European food contact regulation
• Unique dust retention capability
• Chemical inertia

Specifications: Air and liquid filtration

You can find our specifications in the table. Double click on the table to enlarge.


Beaulieu Fibres offers a range of fine PP fibres for use in the furniture and bedding industry. Our upholstery fibres give your nonwovens a high resistance to tear.


  • Dtex range 2.8 - 6.7 
  • Cut length (mm) 40 - 90
  • Crimps (per cm) 3 - 10 
  • REACH and OEKO-TEX compliant
  • Standard colours white, beige, brown, grey, black
  • Flame retardant (FR) functionality

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

We offer coarse dtex PP fibres for resin transfer moulding. These fibres offer high resin fluidity and controlled permeability.


  • Dtex range 65 - 200 dtex 
  • Hydrophilic surface conditions
  • Colour white

Concrete Reinforcement

We offer PP micro fibres for concrete reinforcement applications. Concrete fibres prevent post cracking by supporting a homogeneous drying and improve resistance to explosive spalling in case of a fire. Additionally, they improve the flexural ductility, toughness and load carrying capacity of the concrete matrix.


  • Dtex range 2.8 - 6.7 dtex 
  • Cut length (mm) 4 - 24

From decorative to heavy duty