HT Fibres for lightweight high-performance nonwoven geotextiles

Our high tenacity fibres HT8 offer unique high tensile strength without compromising on elongation. The fibres provide opportunities to reduce geotextile system cost by maximizing machine efficiency, ensuring desired performance and saving weight (up to 15% compared with standard geotextile fibres). We also offer a higher dtex range for environmental applications (TRM/Turf Reinforcement Mats) and soil reinforcement.

Civil engineering & construction

• Road and railway construction
• Erosion control
• Waste containment (GCL)
• Landscaping

High tenacity, lightweight, reduced system cost

  • Reduce system cost
  • Maximize machine effi ciency by excellent product consistency
  • High tenacity and tear resistance
  • Weight savings up to 15%

Specifications: Broad range of high tenacity staple fibres

You can find our specifications in the table. Double click on the table to enlarge.

From decorative to heavy duty