Beaulieu Fibres International supplies Meraklon® man-made fibres for a broad range of hygiene products. Meraklon® meets the key market requirements for softness, opacity and lightweight fabrics for baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine care and wipes. Depending on your hygiene application, we offer you the optimal solution for your needs. Our fibres are tailored for the different process technologies on the market today such as bonding thermobonded, bonding through-air bonded, spunlace as well as needlepunch.

4 different fibre platforms

  • MERALUX PP fibres
  • PE/PP Round fibres
  • MONO Round PP fibres
  • MONO Trilobal PP fibres


  • Baby diapers
  • Adult incontinence
  • Femcare top sheets
  • Wipes

Fibre range and cut lengths

  • MERALUX : 1.3 dtex – 6.7 dtex
  • PE/PP Round : 1.3 dtex – 8.9 dtex
  • MONO Round PP range: 1.0 dtex – 12.0 dtex
  • MONO Trilobal PP range: 1.0 dtex – 6.7 dtex
  • PE/PET & PP/PET : 1.3 dtex - 6.7 dtex
  • All fibres are available in 40, 50 and 60 mm


  • Ultrasoft to improve softness
  • TiO2 to increase opacity


  • Hydrophilic, permanent hydrophilic, high wicking, hydrophobic, etc.
  • Botanical essences, such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Chamomile Extract, Silk protein and Vitamin E

Our fibres are trimmed for all kind of production processes like:

  • Carded thermo bonded
  • Hot through air bonded

Meralux PP fibres

• Meralux fibre combinations offer higher loft/bulk
• Meralux’s opacity is unique.
• Meralux’s softness is provided by the choice of the raw materials    
• Meralux allows basis weight reductions without losing performances

PE/PP Round fibres

The Meraklon® BICO fibres are currently based on a Polypropylene (PP) core and Polyethylene (PE) sheath. High strength and thermal stability are guaranteed by the solid PP core (165°C), while the PE sheath (130°C) offers excellent softness and bonding in the nonwoven application. The combination of properties makes BICO fibres ideal for hygiene top sheets where softness for direct skin contact is required.


  • Combines softness (PE) and strength (PP)
  • Higher loft/bulk and good resilience
  • Higher thermal stability
  • Improved lamination with PE films
  • Key element in air-through bonding process

MONO Round PP fibres

Meraklon® staple fibres have been developed for carded thermalbonding technologies, guaranteeing high bonding and a good strength of the nonwovens. For spunlace technologies our fibres have a low foaming finish and guarantees good bonding and entangling efficiency during the production process.


  • Guarantees good bonding
  • Fibres are trimmed for use in high speed lines
  • Fibres provide good softness to the nonwoven

MONO Trilobal PP fibres

The trilobal range of polypropylene (PP) fibres meets the requirements of improved coverage for lightweight nonwovens. The softness is further improved by the fine titre of the fibre. Its particular shape increases the loft of the nonwoven and increases the surface area for improved liquid behaviour.


  • Higher opacity, resulting in system cost reduction
  • Improved loft and bulkiness (up to 30%)
  • Finer fibres provide softness
  • Enhanced characteristics of liquid behaviour

PE/PET & PP/PET fibres

• Increased loft
• Superior softness for PE/PET
• Good ultrasonic bonding for PP/PET   

Light, Soft and opaque