Lightweight Automotive composites

Beaulieu Fibres International introduces UltraLink, a family of engineered polypropylene (PP) bonding fibers for thermoplastic lightweight composites.

The UltraLink fibres are designed to provide optimal processing during the nonwoven mat process, when blending with glass, natural or other synthetic reinforcement fibres.

Additionally, through their inherently low shrinkage properties, Beaulieu’s UltraLink fibres offer dimensional stability in compression molding.

The UltraLink fibres can be customized to improve the mechanical, thermal and functional properties of the composite, supporting the automotive industry in the continuous strive to reduce weight and improve comfort in a sustainable way.


  • Dtex range 3.3 - 17 
  • Crimps (per cm) 2 - 6
  • Cut length (mm) 40 - 90 
  • Colour natural and black


  • Door panels
  • Underbody shields
  • Fender liners
  • Parcel shelves
  • Head liners
  • Trunk trim

Reduced weight, lower system cost, enhanced functionalities

• Weight reduction
• Dimensional stability
• Low VOC/FOG emission.
• Hydrophobic properties for exteriors.
• Anti-funghi activity

Face fabrics

Our colour development department can match any of your OEM colour masters for automotive interior fabrics. The fibre recipe is designed to comply with OEM requirements in terms of UV resistance, VOC/FOG emission and flame retardance (FR). Our UltraBond fibres contribute to a fully recyclable system (patent pending), replacing the use of latex.


  • In-house master colour development
  • Dtex range 3.3 - 17 
  • Crimps (per cm) 3 - 6
  • Cut length (mm) 40 - 90 
  • Rest shrinkage < 3 %
  • Flame retardant (FR) functionality

From decorative to heavy duty